The brand new Soft Machine studio album ‘Other Doors’ has now been recorded, mixed and mastered and will be released on 30 June 2023.

The band’s first studio album since 2018’s ‘Hidden Details’ it marks a new chapter in the history of the band – both an ending and a beginning for this unique band that has now been in existence for 55 years. The album introduces Fred Baker on bass and marks the final appearance on record of the band’s legendary drummer John Marshall who has announced his retirement.

Pre-orders for the album are now open here -

CD Pre-Orders Website

It can be ordered from Burning Shed, Amazon, Proper and digitally from Spotify, Amazon Music and Itunes etc

The band prefers you to buy the physical copy as that way the artists get paid!

It will soon be available from Bandcamp also.

Vinyl announcement

The beautiful 2LP vinyl editions of the new Soft Machine album ‘Other Doors’ are now available direct from the Tonefloat Records site.

Other Doors is available in three different versions, all limited. Turquoise and Green vinyl editions will be out in limited and numbered runs of 300 copies whereas a super-deluxe marbled vinyl edition including a signed postcard, a full-colour album design slipmat and a Soft Machine tote bag will be limited to 150 copies only.

Thank you.

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A first single from the album, the title track ‘Other Doors’ was released on 21 April and on 2 June there will be a second single ‘Joy of a Toy’ the classic Keven Ayres/ Mike Ratledge instrumental that was first released by the band in November 1968 as their first USA single. This brand new version features Fred Baker playing the melody originally famously played by Kevin Ayres.

Other Doors Recording Photography

Photos by Leoanrdo Pavkovic, except where credited otherwise.